• Work with local veterinarians & spay clinics that will provide low cost spay/neuter surgeries, rabies & distemper shots, combo testing & ear tips.

  • Raise funds to help pay the clinic fees for the outdoor colonies.

  • Provide information, support  and guidance to help the homeowner trap and care for the cats once released back.

  • Provide TNR equipment on loan for trapping and transferring the cats.

  • Recruit volunteers to foster friendly cats and kittens up for adoption.

  • Search for food donations and outdoor shelters for the strays.



FRIENDS OF SQUAN CATS is a volunteer organization of Manasquan residents whose goal is to promote the use of the TRAP/NEUTER/RELEASE program as a humane method of controlling the over population of outdoor feral cats.


We, unfortunately, are not a shelter. We do our best to foster friendly cats and kittens, finding them permanent indoor homes

when we have the available space. If not, we work closely with the local no kill shelter to help us place the friendlier strays.